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Libu Manjakkal, PhD

Research Associate

Former Marie Curie Fellow

Scientific Project Manager- Marie Curie ITN project AQUASENSE


I completed B.Sc., degree in Physics (2006) with subsidiary topics in chemistry and mathematics from Calicut University, Kerala, India. In 2008, from  Mahatma Gandhi University, Kerala, India, I received M.Sc. degree in Physics. The research project topic on M.Sc. was design and assembly of Line Follower Robot. In 2015, I received the Ph.D. degree in Electronic Engineering with honors from the Institute of Electron Technology, Poland. The Ph.D. topic was focus on the development of metal oxides based electrochemical pH sensors for online water quality monitoring and I worked in this project as a Marie Curie Early Stage Researcher.



I have more than 10 years of research experience (nearly 6 years in post-doctoral) in the field of material synthesis, electrochemical devices (fabrication of sensors and energy storage), energy generators (fabrication of triboelectric and piezoelectric, integration of solar cell) and flexible electronics. The developed systems were applied for various applications including environmental monitoring (water and air pollution), health monitoring (wearable sensors), wearable energy and robotics. For sweat monitoring sensors I developed new textile supercapacitor working with sweat as an electrolyte. For hybrid energy generation and storage, I designed fully flexible self -powered pack (integration of solar cell, supercapacitor and sensors/motors). This hybrid energy technology were employed wearable sensors, water quality monitoring sensors and operating motors in robotic/prosthetic hand. 

I have been involved in multidisciplinary projects in different countries (India, UK, Poland, Portugal, Austria and Serbia) and excellent track record of collaborative projects, including attracting the research funding. For example, I have participated in 4 EU Projects (3 Marie Curie ITNs and 1 project on manufacturing - NWCAM), two BRNS (India) projects, 1 EPSRC project, 1 EPSRC Partnership Fund project, INNOVATIVE UK, ICURe grant, and 1 RAeng Project.

Going forward, I would continue to focus on research and teaching in sustainable materials for energy storage and energy autonomous systems for applications including healthcare, electric vehicles/robotics, and pollution monitoring. One of my ambitious plans is to develop a technology platform for environment friendly electrochemical devices (sensors energy storage devices) based on naturally abundant materials.


Lecturer                                                                  07/2022- till date         Edinburgh Napier University, UK

Research Associate                                        07/2018-06/2022           Electronics and Nanoscale Engineering, University of Glasgow, UK. 

Research Assistant                                         10/2016-06/2018         Electronics and Nanoscale Engineering, University of Glasgow, UK.

Marie Curie Experienced Researcher     06/2016-09/2016         Electronics and Nanoscale Engineering, University of Glasgow, UK.

Post Doctoral Researcher                            08/2015-06/2016         Institute of Electron Technology, Krakow, Poland.

Marie Curie Early Stage Researcher        08/2012-07/2105         Institute of Electron Technology, Krakow, Poland.

Researcher                                                         05/2012-07/2012         CENIMAT, New University Lisbon, Portugal

Project Staff                                                       10/2009-04/2012        Centre for Materials for Electronics Technology, Kerala, India

Visiting Researcher

Marie Curie Secondment (02 and 03- 2015)        Vienna University of Technology, Institute of Sensor and Actuator Systems, Austria

Marie Curie Secondment (08- 2014)                     NORTH Point Ltd. Subotica, Serbia   

Marie Curie Secondment (07- 2014)                      University of Novi Sad, 21000, Novi Sad Serbia)                     


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