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Management/Organization and Other Activities

  1.  Involved in organization of kickoff meetings, project meetings, summer school, seminars and mid term meeting of AQUASENSE Project  (2018-currently)

  2. Reviewer of Journals: Proceedings of the IEEE, ACS Applied Material Interfaces, Chemical Engineering, Nature Scientific Report, IEEE Sensors Journal, Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry, Sensors, etc.,

  3. Poster Session Chair on 2019 IEEE FLEPS Conference -2019, Glasgow, UK;

  4. Poster Session Chair 2018 IEEE Sensor Conference 2018, New Delhi, India;

  5. Oral Session Chair - Advanced Energy Materials; 2018, University of Surrey, UK,.

  6. Poster Session Chair 2017 IEEE Sensor Conference 2017, Glasgow, UK.

  7. Organized a field trip in Indian food supply centres, as a part of food quality monitoring sensors related RAeng Circular Economy Project, New Delhi, Inida (November 2018)

  8. Participation in the organization of summer school, 1st SENSEIVER Summer School, LTCC Technology for Sensor Networks, Krakow, 25/09-04/10-2013.

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