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Postgraduate and undergraduate students Research Project modules- BEST Group, School of EngineeringUoG

  • Assisting  supervisor in Research Projects modules (Master and Undergraduate students) (2017-current) 

  • Total students- 8 students finished projects

  • Research Area: Material synthesis, Electrochemical pH sensor, Biosensors (glucose, urea, ions), Electrodeposition (conducting fibres), textile based glucose sensors, triboelectric nanogenerator

  • Activities: designing project plan, training in material synthesis, device fabrications and characterisation, supporting  project report preparation, supporting in oral/poster presentations

Ph.D. and Postdoctoral projects- BEST Group, UoG

  • Assisting  supervisor in PhD students Projects and Postdoctoral fellowship preparations.

  • Research Area: Material synthesis, Electrochemical and Biosensors, triboelectric nanogenerator, Supercapacitor

Team Design Project

  • Mentoring undergraduate students on - Team Design Project, UoG, 2018-2019 & 2017-2018

  • Team Design Project related to Line Follower Robot, and major duties: assign the work equally among the students, monitor the students progress, guide the students for the focused deliverable plans; evaluate their research plans and presentations


Theme Leader- BEST Group UoG

  • Theme : Sensor and Energy Systems  (2016-till date) (6-8 members Postdocs, PhDs and Master degree students)

  • Main Activities: Co-ordinate weekly/biweekly meetings, co-ordinate the individual and common theme research activities, discuss the new project ideas and project related issues


Management Activities

  • Scientific Project Manager of Marie Curie ITN project AQUASENSE (major activities: coordinating the research activities, deliverable, meetings and report preparations)

  • Lab-in Charge of wet Laboratory (room 455 JWS UoG) of BEST Group (2017-2019)

Part time Teaching - Kerala, India

  • Remedial coaching classes for graduate students at St. Stephen’s College, Kerala, India

  • Higher secondary students coaching/training in the field of Physics and Chemistry. 

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